Mourning dogs comfort each other after their owner passed away trying to save them

It’s always devastating losing a beloved pet but for pets losing their owners is equally tough, despite the heartbreak the pets also have to search for a new forever home.

Two dogs are going through the same fate, they lost their owner and now are looking for a new forever home.

Kris Busching loved his two pooches Little P and Tonka more than everything, he was a hiker and always took them to new adventures.

But last week while on a hike in Colorado things took a terrible wrong turn.

Kris along with his dogs and his friend Mark were together on the hike and they got lost.

After two days of being lost things were getting worse and they were in urgent need of water.

Kris finally found a creek, and trekked down the canyon to get water.

The dogs were by his side. But he lost his footing suddenly and stumbled as he tried to pull the dogs to safety.

All of them fell off the canyon and Kris tragically died on impact.

Mark was found the next day after he lit a signal fire, the rescue team rescued the dogs too that sadly never left their owners body.

Kris’ family was so busy with the funeral and stuff they had no space to take the dogs in and take care of their medical requirements.

The canies survived the fall but Tonka had a broken leg and Little P had a suspected broken jaw and needed an x-ray exam.

Fortunately an animal nonprofit called Mr. Bones & Co. decided to help.

Kris pictured with Tonka and Little P. (Mr. Bones & Co Animal Welfare Nonprofit)
They took the canines into their care, and, raising money through a GoFundMe page, were able to get the dogs the treatments they needed.

“[We] will honor their dad by ensuring they receive the medical treatment they need,” the GoFundMe page reads. “We will work tirelessly to find one adopter for BOTH dogs so they may stay together and heal from the trauma.”

They lost their owner and their home but fortunately these little furries still had each other.

Tonka went into surgery for his injured leg, and his brother wouldn’t leave his side, staying there to comfort him on that hard moment.

“Their bond is epic,” Mr. Bones and Co. wrote on Instagram. “The level of loyalty and love that radiated from these two … needs no further caption.”

“His bond with Little P is forever.”

The shelter is looking for someone in the New York area to adopt them both and give them a much needed forever home.

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