Measure To Lift Pit Bull Ban In Denver Approved

Denver voters have approved lifting a ban on pit bulls in the city. The measure requires the animals to be registered.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock vetoed the city council vote in February to repeal the city’s 30-year-old ban on pit bulls and other terrier dogs. It was Hancock’s veto as mayor.

Then later in the year Councilman Chris Herndon introduced a proposal that would send it to voters to decide whether the dogs should be allowed and and owners should subsequently be required to register, micro-chip and vaccinate their dog. The City Council approved placing the question on the ballot in the general election.

“I always said if the council member, Councilman Herndon, took it to the vote of the people, we would honor the vote of the people. Just as mayor, I could not put my signature on the bill that came of city council, knowing what we know in response to Denver’s experience with pit bulls, but we will honor the will of the people,” said Hancock.

With the measure, owners need to pay an annual fee, with a limit of two pit bulls per home.

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