A Shelter Dog Who Loves To Be Tucked In Before Bed

Every shelter dog has a story to tell of how they ended up in the shelter. Prince, a two-year-old Pitbull does to. He was first owned by a man who could no longer take care of him and so he gave the puppy to his girlfriend. For a while, the girlfriend took care of him, and one day while they were walking Price slipped out of the leash and just ran away.

Lucky for Prince, the animal rescue team found him in the street and brought him in. After a while, the shelter was able to contact the former owner, the girlfriend who said that she will come and pick the dog up. But days went by and she never showed up, thus, Prince has been living in the shelter ever since he supposedly ran away.

When Prince first walked in the shelter, he was just terrified of everything that was happening around him. He just seem to not be able to trust anyone , and he would just sit in one corner and not approach anyone. He just was scared! It is yet unclear to all the things that Prince had to go through in life, but sure thing is that he did not have a good past.

As the days went by, the shelter staff slowly tried to approach him and Price started to get used to the fact that he deserves to be treated nicely.

The one thing that the staff in the shelter noticed and made him super happy was being tucked in before bed. Prince just Loved to be tucked in. And so, the tradition begin, all the staff now know that Price loves to be tucked in and they will do that for him every night.

Besides loving to be around people, Prince is loving his new bed time routine and will not give it up for the world. The dog has warmed up to the staff , is doing so much better with being around people and showing love , yet he has still to find a home for himself.


With the new confidence, Prince together with the staff will work on finding the perfect home. The one thing is sure that wherever he goes he must be tucked in for bed!



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