89-year-old woman has knitted over 450 blankets for shelter dogs

Good people doing good things are not over. This story proves it the best way. A high number of dogs all around the world are in existential conditions of life, waiting to be adopted from someone who will love them and take care of them.

However, a real hero appeared to be a 89-year-old Maise Green who took all dogs’ hearts. She thought doing something that she was capable of, would bring these dogs joy, happiness and would ease their lives.

So, her idea was to knit blankets…a lot of them!

She’s an animal lover and she proves this by working on her free time to improve the lives of dogs living in shelters. On the other hand, one of her passions is knitting, so she decided to work on her passion and in this way she could help all the dogs living in shelters.

It turned out to be a very good idea. Maise, has knitted 450 blankets for dogs in need.

The old lady enjoys her time knitting while watching TV, and just knowing that she is doing that for dogs that really need what she’s doing, makes her the happiest person in the world.

Her efforts have been a huge amount of help to the shelters, so the dogs now do not have to worry about being cold. And all of this, thanks to Maisie, who tells that helping her four-legged friends it is not a job, it is just joy and happiness.

The work of knitting is shown in the pictures below, where dogs are looking cuter than ever.

A lot of animal shelters appreciate the donations of Maisie with her knitted clothes for the dogs in need.

She’s a real hero for animals. Let’s all appreciate her lovely work.

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