85-Year-Old Woman’s Dog Passes Away, But No One Will Let Her Adopt A New Dog

For 85-year-old Shirley Moore, the terrifying pandemic experience was made bearable only due to the comforting presence of her loyal mini Fox Terrier, Lily. But a month ago, the 16-year-old pooch died of old age, leaving Shirley feeling empty and hopeless. The grieving woman decided to adopt a new dog, but this turned out to be harder than she had expected.

Yesterday Helen and Leanne had the pleasure of gifting the love of dog kisses to a lovely lady called Shirley. We drove all the way from Sth Brisbane to deliver the beautiful Miss Tia to be a lifelong friend to Shirley.

Shirley has been through some tough times. After loosing her husband she relied on her little dog Lily for her emotional support and love. Lily was a great little friend but after 16 years she crossed the rainbow bridge. During Covid Shirley realised how important her little friend was to her life now she could not visit friends.

Tia is a happy go lucky soul who loves to be pampered. She is well trained as an indoor dog and will make a perfect friend for Shirley to talk to as we all continue to get over the year that is 2020.

As Shirley reached out to every local shelter, she realized getting a pet during the pandemic was almost impossible. Many greedy locals had adopted shelter pets only to sell them for high prices, so the workers were wary about allowing random adoptions. Moreover, Shirley’s age was another issue, as it made her incompatible with many dogs who required plenty of exercise and maintenance.

Get your tissues out because we have some Friday cuteness for you

Meet Tia Maria, she is a 4-year-old Tenterfield Terrier who was in the care of Australian National Canine Rescue.

Tia Maria’s new owner will now be 85 year old Shirley Moore, who lives on Bribie Island.

Last month, Shirley had lost her beloved 16-year-old mini fox terrier Lily, who sadly passed away.

Shirley wanted a new dog but COVID made it challenging. Our drive show put out the call to help Shirley find a new partner in crime and our prayers were answered thanks to Leanne who works for Australian National Canine Rescue.

Yesterday our Drive team delivered the happy news to Shirley and she was over the moon with joy.

“That has made my day, I feel overwhelmed… just wonderful!” Shirley said.

“It will make all the difference to my getting up in the morning, something to get up for.

“The greatest news I have heard, wait till I tell my Tenterfield folk.”

In a desperate last ditch attempt, Shirley reached out to the local radio and shared her fruitless search for a furry companion in her twilight years. The poor woman was clearly traumatized by the void left by Lily’s death, and her radio plea tugged at the hearts of the entire community.

The rescue wasted no time and contacted Shirley. The moment the elderly woman met Tia, the staff knew it was meant to be! The adoption followed instantly, and the duo seamlessly settled in each other’s company. Now that Shirley finally has a buddy of her own, she feels motivated to get out of bed every day. She is immensely grateful to the community for spreading her story and bailing her out from one of the lowest points in her life!

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